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38 years after its beginning in France, we've thought it was the right time to collect twirling memories, to allow everyone to have access to them. Soon, we'll have no one to tell us this fabulous story of our sport construction.

"To allow everyone" because all this content belongs to you, as twirling fan. Its up to you also to bring your memories in order to complete this museum, and share them with everybody.

This museum is owned by nobody in particular, and to everybody in general.

Our desire is to preserve the memory of our sport, to allow young people to acquire the culture of Twirling, to allow the oldest to realize the progress made, and that which remains to be done.

This museum is ours, and it will become what we will do with it

Our Museum, to us all, baton twirling fans.

This Digital Museum has opened its doors on 29th February 2016.


Magazines are the main to understand our history.

Thanks to them, our history is safe.

Thanks to them, when we read them, we remember all this past time.

Even though we feel, quite rightly, that we do not have enough television coverage, this has happened a few times for baton Twirling. Here are the ones we were able to recover, whatever the year.

By putting Baton Twirling Stick in the spotlight, televisions allow us to show ourselves to as many people as possible.


And to be recognized ...



All competition results


Most World Championship Videos Since 1980


A lot of videos from French National championships



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IC 2017
Equipe Essonne




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2018 Europe Cup will be held in Dublin (Ireland).



2017 Internation Cup is now over, find all results in our category "Results"
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